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We are so happy and proud to introduce a new line of cards that has been in the incubator for what feels like forever. We have appropriately titled them "Money Cards". Let me explain why.

What Is It?

A Money Card is a fun new magical way of gifting money to friends and family. The premise is simple, every money card comes equipped with a custom printed transparent film you lay on top of a 20$ bill to help President Jackson get into the spirit of your celebration a little more. 

Each Money Card comes with an envelope, a custom printed transparent film, a cellophane container to hold everything together and a folded card for you to write your personal note inside. All you need to supply is a 20 dollar bill printed in 2004 or after.


The Idea

The Money Card idea has come a long way since first brainstorming a little more than 6 months ago. The above sketch is the first concept drawing we did for it not having any idea how the mechanics of the card would work.

The idea spawned from asking ourselves "Why do we give cards?" One of the overwhelming responses was "as a delivery mechanism for money". After thinking about the vast amount of times we've received cards with money in them, we searched for a clever way to address this correlation of money and cards. How do we make money more fun? How do we change the card to highlight that money is inside it?

I remember when I was in college, people would draw funny faces on dollar bills to make George Washington look silly. I always thought this unexpected drawing of a costume on a President was funny and delightful, albeit illegal, and thought if there was a way to make this happen in card format we could probably generate some pretty funny costumes with maybe even better looking results.

The Mechanics

It may look like simple mechanics, but finding transparency sheets you can print on that don't smudge or look like crap proved difficult. Surmounting alignment issues and getting the perfectly sized celophanes all proved to be timely challenges. When the alignment has to be within a millimeter and nobody is making money-sized celophanes, the entire project became a custom masterpiece.

We decided to focus in on 8 initial designs. We have Diva, Fancy, Hipster, Daddy, Potter, Sheriff, Spidey and Zombie Jacksons all ready to make your money gift a little more fun.


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