Introducing the Shot Glass Card

The very first card that allows for immediate celebration no matter the occasion. Each card doubles as a functioning shot glass that is assembled origami-style without any additional materials. They hold about 1oz of liquid without leaks for hours (not that any shot has ever sat in a glass for more than a few seconds).

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The Gift Card... Cards

Nothing says “I thought about buying you a sweet-ass present, but I changed my mind” like a gift card, and nothing holds a gift card better than our new line of gift card… cards. We probably should have thought through the name a bit more but after saying it that way for so long, it started to get funny and we just couldn't get rid of it.

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The Money Cards

We are so happy and proud to introduce a new line of cards that has been in the incubator for what feels like forever. We have appropriately titled them "Money Cards". Let me explain why.

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The Narcissist Card Series

You're a thoughtful and generous person. Also you’re attractive. Why else would you be buying a greeting card? Sure, technically it's their special day; that doesn't mean you don't deserve some kudos as well. Show how thoughtful you are with this series of Narcissist cards and be showered with praise in return. 

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