55 Hi's has closed shop. Check out what Ross is up to now.

That's a little harsh, but I'm sticking to it.

Now let me preface this generally pessimistic blog post by noting, I realize I am complaining about a free service I am in no way obligated to use. This blog post is coming more from a disappointment standpoint about something that was great and is now ruined and why we won't be tending to the Facebook community any more.

Also, I think this topic has been covered to death by many but I feel it's worth spreading shitty business practice just for the principle. Or, at least what I would consider shitty business practice. I'm not going to say it's extortion, but it feels a little extortion-esque to me. If you want to hear a really great, well researched version of this argument check out this video.

4 years ago when we started 55 Hi's, Facebook was amazing. It was a great, interactive tool to get feedback on releases and show people what we were working on. People who elected to like our page (which you can unlike at any time and stop receiving our updates) would have the opportunity to see our updates. If the post was successful and people liked it, the content would spread to their friends or have the opportunity to gain a little traction for being a popular item. 


Now, the 55 Hi's Facebook page has around 5,600 likes and a typical post will reach around 80 people. A successful post that is liked, commented, or shared will typically reach around 150 people. This means that our content is reaching on average less than 2% of the audience that has already elected to receive updates from us by liking the page. Essentially, even if you like the page, you won't get our content anyway so the whole process is really pretty trivial.

We will posting most of our updates via Instagram, Dribbble and the Newsletter. It's such a sad thought to think Facebook bought Instagram and will likely follow suit soon with restricting content unless you pay them. Nevertheless, it's the best avenue to spread our content now without being a disruptive marketer. If you want to join our very non-spammy newsletter, you can do that here as well. We typically email around once a month.

Also, here's a picture of the Facebook board members as they read my post. 



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