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Shot Glass Card Catalog

Things have been a little dormant over here on the surface but believe me, it's the calm before the storm. We decided it was time to refocus our energies and had a serious sit down for the 2015 year. What is feasible? What do we want to make? What's our most popular items? For the last question at least, it was a no brainer: our Shot Glass Cards have been a hands down best seller.

I think sometimes, as a maker, you get lost in the chase of a new great idea and than once you get it, the chase is over and it feels like work. When I made the original shot glass card a little over two years ago, the reception was out of control but after the initial wave, the drive to continue releasing an idea I had already "conquered" (for lack of a better term) felt tired. A true business person would probably exploit a successful idea. Hell, just a reasonable person would probably do that, but I decided to move on to other ideas like an idiot.

Well, now almost two years later, we decided to revisit our most famous release and bring it back with a collection of 12 fun new designs. These will be hitting the shop in the next few weeks. I don't want to release the whole shindig quite yet, but here is a teaser of my favorite one of the bunch.

Shot Glass Card Older & Wiser

Also (and I don't ask for this often) but we are going to be actively pursuing getting these in some shops. We ordered 14,000 of them, which is about 12,000 more than our standard run we are comfortable with so we will be actively trying to throw them at as many people as fast as possible. It was a pretty big leap of faith to make a commitment like this and this means we are going to have to become a little salesman-y for a paragraph. 

If you have a suggestion for a local store you think the Shot Glass Card line would be a great fit for, please do make an introduction or shoot me an email with any info at info@55his.com. In fact, if you have any tips of any kind or anyone who might be into this idea, please let me know. In that email, if you can include your own address, we will send out a free shot glass card for the lead and because you're an amazing person. 

And as always, if you want more updates from us including when the new shot glass cards are hitting the shop, sign up for the newsletter or head over to our Instagram page.



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