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It’s been a long time coming but we are so happy and proud to introduce our newest additions to the shop: The Contract Cards. Poor in money but rich in self deprecating gestures? Sign your life away with these customizable contract cards good for multiple occasions. Although the topics are endless, we decided to focus this first series of 6 on Sexy Dances, Body Massages, House Cleanings, Laundry Loads, Makeout Sessions and Servitude.

As if signing yourself up for menial obligations weren’t enough, we decided to add a few terms and agreements to make the contract a little more fun… and definitely embarrassing.

Within each card you will find a customizable binding agreement between two people. You and the Client (or the person you’re giving it to). After filling out the front of the card and adding a few loving notes, you can either sign your life away in advance or wait to review the terms line by line before giving it your John Hancock.

Everyone likes to see how our ideas come to fruition and this one has been quite a while in the making. Originally, frequent collaborator SockMonkee sent over the idea of doing a bunch of sexy cards with the idea that they would be giftable coupon cards that you could cash in at a later date.

The concept really hit home but after doing some digging, it turns out Coupon Cards (like everything else) has already been done before. We could certainly do our own line of Coupon Cards and it would probably be fine but we really strive to put our own 55 Hi’s twist on things to keep it fresh.

Not to be deterred by our Pinterest research on coupon cards, we kept up with the idea for a little bit and discovered that even funnier than the actual coupon was very often the little footnotes that get added to the coupon. For instance, a massage is great but how funny is a massage where the person giving it has to refer to you as “Matt Damon.”

As we kept brainstorming down this path of funny footnotes, what they really started to feel like were terms of a contract. When we just let it naturally go in that direction, the writing for the cards became much easier and more fun. Infusing the communication with our mock legal jargon was a blast and really gave the cards a life of their own.

We finished the first draft and one of the hurdles that we discovered were a lot of the terms that we were coming up seemed like they might polarize an audience. For instance, we had some really great zingers in there about pop culture but not everybody knows Lord of the Rings and cult movie references like we do so many of the jokes felt like they might not hit home with everyone.

Just like the saying, every challenge is another opportunity to make it better, that is exactly what happened here. The concept really started to take on a life of its own when we introduced the ability to customize the card by filling in the blanks. It solved the problem of making the card more interactive and personal while still keeping it funny. In many instances it would be even funnier because inside jokes could be infused into the contract.

The design of the card also took quite a few turns. Initially I wanted to keep all the communication on the front of the card. From a photography/shareability perspective, it’s much easier to digest one image of the card than it is to show the front and the inside. What ended up happening was it became way too busy. We had the theme, the names, the communication, the terms , and the signatures all on an A7 card and the process of filling out the card was confusing with so much information on the front and the problem I was trying to solve was being made worse.

Once we decided to make the front just an attractive scenario of setting up the two parties involved and the inside devoted strictly to terms and signatures, it gave the whole card a lot more balance and us a whole lot more room to add terms.

You can pick up the whole pack here for some pretty amazing savings and if you happen to have some good themes you think would make a great contract card, please share them with us!



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