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Pick Your Poison Coasters – 55 Hi's

Finally, the Pick Your Poison Coasters are in the shop!

The set is made up of 6 double sided coasters features popular drink mixes on one side, and the breakfast recipe to cure the hangover it causes the next morning. For instance, what would cure drinking too many Rusty Nails? A Tetanus Shot. 

These coasters have been a long time in the making. About 6 months ago a few buddies of mine and I started up a google doc spreadsheet and started riffing some funny drink names and what would cure/defeat them literally. We had quite a few funny ones as you can see below but we decided, for the first round, to narrow it down to six solid choices. 

I was really rooting for Screaming Orgasm/Nosy Landlord but illustrating a nosy landlord proved difficult and tedious so it was scrapped. A bunch of pictures can be viewed in the product listing and if you would like a social media friendly way to share, please feel free to use the below image or check out our tumblr feed for some already formatted imagery.



Sweeeeeeet BLOG. Amazing artwork and design. Keep rockin.

Apr 18, 2013

Maigen Sawyer:

this is awesome!

Apr 09, 2013

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