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The 2013 National Stationery Show proved to be quite an experience for us this year. After many months of planning (i.e. stressing) we completed our debut show with no major hiccups. After meeting quite a few amazing people and making some awesome new paper friends, we even managed to trick some people into letting us put our cards in their stores. 

Here's a couple shots of us setting up our booth. It's actually quite incredible how fast things come together. You look down the aisles and it's just madness everywhere, and then all of a sudden you look up and all the trash is gone and the carpet is down and it's just a sea of amazing mini 10x10 stores. The below images are of us putting down the foam tiles and painting the walls. Then, with the help of our trusty laser level, we threw up the shelves one at a time. By "we" I mean I put my friends to work, took some pictures and went to the bar. 

Here is a panorama or our booth after setup and the digital render. Pretty damn close! We ditched the carpet and the plants and I accidentally made 7 instead of 8 shelves, but as in all trade/craft shows, just deal with it and move on. Nobody knows it's wrong except you. Although now, you all know, so perhaps that isn't always true. That saying should read "Nobody knows it's wrong except you unless you write a blog post about it afterwards." 

You would think, standing in the same booth from 9-6 for 3 straight days, I would have taken some pictures, but you overestimate me. I totally didn't, so I went ahead and stole pictures of my own booth from Nole over at Oh So Beautiful Paper. She has some really tremendous event coverage if you're into that kind of thing and she stopped by at the show and took some great pictures of our booth.

Below are a few new notecard designs for us. The Hello & Hi Bubbles which are now up in the shop. 

We also recently published a nifty little feature to the 55 Hi's website. It is a store locator to find local shops that carry our items! After the show we realized we wanted to be able to point people to the stores who are awesome enough to carry our items so we crafted the 55 Hi's Store Locator. It is a constantly growing Google-Maps-style store key that lets you know which stores are carrying our goods if you need a last minute card from us. 



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