55 Hi's has closed shop. Check out what Ross is up to now.

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Besides that, we are happy to introduce our newest art poster, Wake Up! I don't know how you wake up, but just like a Foldgers commercial, after hitting the snooze button 18 times, I usually wake up, zombie walk to the kitchen, karate chop my coffee maker 'til it turns on, and then smell the coffee. After taking a nap in the shower and gaining some semblance of consciousness, only then do I even attempt to resurrect a drinkable cup of coffee.

I'm currently using a percolator, but I'm thinking of asking Santa to help make the switch to a Keurig this Christmas. I'm not a coffee snob, whatever is less hassle and less coffee grounds everywhere. I can make quite a mess while trying to fill the percolator with my eyes closed in the morning.

Each poster is a 2-color screenprint measuring 18x24" on Natural White paper. Hand numbered in a Limited Edition of 500.

We are also hard to work on a bunch of new goodies coming out in the following months. If you follow us on Instagram, we're breaking out the brushes and custom type for a bunch of new releases with a whole grab bag of awesome new folks. One we're tackling is a collection of new bookmark designs... 

Getting the chance to work with other designers through 55 Hi's is one of the most rewarding parts of running this business. For instance, the closest to release is our new Dogs poster we just finished up with Lydia Nichols. Should be out sometime early next week and here's a small teaser. This poster is so fun and interesting to read. Dog breeds are tricky and Lydia did an absolutely amazing job capturing the personality of each dog.

Further down the horizon, is a series of notepad designs we started up with typographer extraordinaire, Dave Foster. If you are unaware of Dave Foster, watch this video of his explaining a little background of his typographic career. Really enlightening stuff to see just how much goes into the study of typography.

We are still the midst of designing, but here's a little look at a few of the early options for the "Today" notepad design. Really excited to get into another product avenue and can't wait to see where they all end up in the coming weeks.

Last but not least, we're having a clearance on coasters. 55 Hi's is getting out of the coaster business, and we're running a 60% Off sale until they're sold out, never to be printed again! Well, actually I can't say that, but for right now, coasters are a difficult sell for us, and not something I had 100% of my heart into growing as a product avenue. So, for the time being, we're gonna switch gears, try out a few other products, and as always, concentrate on posters and cards that rock your socks off. 




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