Deal With It Glasses
Deal With It Glasses Deal With It Card Deal With It Card Deal With It Card


When it's your birthday, don't let anybody tell you what to do. If you are at all familiar with the Deal With It Meme (and if not brush up here), it's a handy way of telling people "I do what I want". What better time when it's your birthday and everybody means less than you?!

Feel free to use these in the face of any and all instances involving but not limited to: throwing cake at others, yelling loud noises repeatedly, calling your boss an asshole, not doing what you're supposed to, quitting your job, making wild baseless accusations, dancing like an idiot, cutting others off in traffic, not filling the ice cube tray, leaving the toilet roll empty, texting with the volume all the way up, being late to meetings, not using turn signals, stealing lunch from the office fridge, talking in the bathroom, spreading out on public transportation, not paying rent, and drinking milk straight from the carton.