Narcissist Card Birthday
Narcissist Card Birthday Narcissist B-Day Narcissist B-Day


So it's that special someone's birthday, and of course everything's all about them. What about you? What do you get out of the deal?

Don't fret. Instead, show how incredibly thoughtful you are with this super extravagant birthday card and get a little praise in return. You're even doing them a favor by picking out the perfect thank-you note. You've earned it.

The Narcissist Card is a series of cards that contain 1 regular card to give, and 1 fully functioning mini thank you card that can be given back to you for being so thoughtful. Each narcissist card comes with two envelopes and two folded cards. You can even save them the trouble by writing your name on the thank you card envelope. Check out the entire series of Narcissist cards right here.