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Posters for the Home

Typography in All forms


Introducing the Shot Glass Card

The very first card that allows for immediate celebration no matter the occasion. Each card doubles as a functioning shot glass that is assembled origami-style without any additional materials. They hold about 1oz of liquid without leaks for hours (not that any shot has ever sat in a glass for more than a few seconds).

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The Money Cards

We are so happy and proud to introduce a new line of cards that has been in the incubator for what feels like forever. We have appropriately titled them "Money Cards". Let me explain why.

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The Narcissist Card Series

You're a thoughtful and generous person. Also you’re attractive. Why else would you be buying a greeting card? Sure, technically it's their special day; that doesn't mean you don't deserve some kudos as well. Show how thoughtful you are with this series of Narcissist cards and be showered with praise in return. You're even doing them a favor by picking out the perfect thank-you note. You've earned it.

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Deal With It Greeting Card

If you don't know, we at 55 Hi's frequent Reddit quite a bit. Nothing like losing 4 hours of your day turning links purple but in one of our recent click binges, we though it would be pretty funny to turn one of our favorite memes into card form. Therefore, we are very excited to be introducing the Deal With It Card.  

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