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Posters for the Home

Typography in All forms


Introducing the Shot Glass Card

The very first card that allows for immediate celebration no matter the occasion. Each card doubles as a functioning shot glass that is assembled origami-style without any additional materials. They hold about 1oz of liquid without leaks for hours (not that any shot has ever sat in a glass for more than a few seconds).

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Deal With It Greeting Card

If you don't know, we at 55 Hi's frequent Reddit quite a bit. Nothing like losing 4 hours of your day turning links purple but in one of our recent click binges, we though it would be pretty funny to turn one of our favorite memes into card form. Therefore, we are very excited to be introducing the Deal With It Card.  

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Finding Our Voice

 What a month if I do say so myself. It's interesting, we have released more cards in the last 4 weeks, than we have in the last 2 years and it's been a blast the entire time. This week we released 8 new Chart Cards and 4 new Roses are Red cards. I'm learning a lot about myself, business, and moving forward. I'd like to share a few of those things that I've learned.

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Quantity Breaks

We are so happy and eager to announce some new changes to the shop. We have been doing our fair share or tidying up (hopefully you can tell) and in doing so have made some long overdue improvements to shopping on the 55 Hi's store. There are more changes a-coming (including gifting cards!) but the change just recently pushed to the site is the ability to mix and match cards in any combination to save some moolah. 

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