• My Big Mug

    Very honored to be a part of Real Thread's Local Masters podcast this past week. Nathan, the man reppin' the mic over there, and I had a great talk that went all over the place. Thankfully, he edited my ramblings down to a nice digestible portion that focuses on entrepreneurship and doing what you love (but still having health insurance). 

    Head over and give it a listen! If you get tired of me, there are some other really great convos to check out including Jessica Hische, collaborator Justin Mezzell and others...

    ALSO! If you want to be a part of a soft launch currently going on that I'm a part of, head over to the all new Wood & Penny shop.

    Wood & Penny is a small-batch fragrance house where we make quality, natural soy candles that inspire change and support the common good. The fragrances are hand-blended in all natural soy wax and packaged in stylish, reusable glass containers. Each candle is hand-poured with care and features vegetable cured cotton wicks.

    To see the full rundown on how the candles are made or to get a little more information on the backstory and initiatives we are currently helping, visit the site! Suggestions are always, always very welcome and if you choose to support us, we thank you!

  • Bugs Alphabet Poster

    We are back in action with the newest addition to the Alphabet Poster series! Bugs!

    Ants, Earwigs, and Butterflies! Brush up on your ABC's with this jam packed poster featuring 26 different creepy crawlers and buzzing bugs from all over teh world. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with a custom illustration from our friend Brad Woodward and accompanied by a fun fact you can use to impress your friends.

    For instance, did you know that a Goliath Beetle, when measured in terms of sheer size, bulk, and weight ranks among the largest insects on the planet. They are massive, sturdy creatures that grow to over 4 inches in length and can weigh up to 3.5 ounces. That's huge!

    Or that that the Atlas Moth sports the widest wingspan of any moth in the world, with some spanning over 10 inches wide. The tips of their wings also carry an uncanny resemblance to a snake’s head, earning them the nickname “snake’s head moth.

  • Alphabets!

    This is slightly dated news, but none the less exciting! We teamed up with our good friend Lydia Nichols again to present the next addition to our line of Alphabet Posters, the Circus! There is all kinds of fun stuff going on here and this poster has some of the most interesting and peculiar fun facts of any of the poster so far. Two in particular I found really interesting.

    Whenever there is a picture taken of an elephant during the show, the position of its trunk is incredibly important—at least to the more superstitious circus goers. Capturing a photo of an elephant with its trunk lifted high in the air is thought to mean good fortune for the run of the show.

    Or that today, many acrobats are trained professionally in specialized schools, but in older traditions, these remarkable athletic skills were all in the family. Throughout history, family circuses kept their artistry alive through generations by passing knowledge down from parent to child.

    We're also excited to introduce a small teaser from the next upcoming addition the series, Bugs! After two amazing collaborations on Space and Dinosaurs with illustrator extraordinaire Brad Woodard, we couldn't help but team back up for this next one. All kinds of creepy crawlies are coming out. Beatles and Moths and Ants! Can't wait to share....


  • So Much New News

    Oh mannnnnnnn. It's been a while, and you know why? ‘Cause I've spent the last few weeks mind-puking all the things I know about printing techniques in preparation for an exclusive class through Skillshare which can be found right here!!

    The class, "Design for Print: Stand Out With Specialty Printing Techniques,” is now live and I'm super excited to share it with everyone. We’ll be covering all kinds of fun stuff like spot varnishes, edge coloring, duplexing, triplexing, sexplexing—the whole gamut. It's gonna be pretty introductory in nature, but even some seasoned designers can pick up some tips and links in there.

    I also teamed up with the fine folks over at Mama's Sauce, who will be sponsoring the shindig. We're going to be creating business cards as the class project, and one lucky student project will be selected to get printed for FREE! If you aren't that one lucky person, don’t worry! You can still send it over to the Sauce for a cool 10% off just by enrolling in the class.

    Ya know, it’s almost like I'm paying you to take the class. Quit taking advantage of me.

    Another venture I have been quietly working away at is a new side project called Madison Glass Co.! Since the brand and products are new to all of us, I’ll introduce what’s going on and some things about it to get started. 

    I love making paper products here at 55 Hi's but over the course of the last few years, I’ve really been interested in branching out and experimenting on some more practical and specialized items for the home. I feel like a lot of designers and websites out there make available every design imaginable as a print or poster and I really wanted to make something you couldn’t get anywhere else.

    Originally, this was slated to be a limited edition jar brand. I liked the idea of jars and painting them, but it felt too narrow and therefore I ended up landing on glassware. Instead of trying to force glass products into the 55 Hi’s brand, which is a pre-existing Screenprint and Letterpress stationery business model, I decided to start new and create the brand you are seeing now, Madison Glass Co.

    Another shift is the social media stuff. If you follow 55 Hi’s on TwitterInstagram, or Dribbble, you will notice (or have noticed) a small shift in the handle and description. In an effort to not be redundant, and constantly posting the same things to two different accounts, I decided to shift the handles to “_rossmoody” as opposed to a brand.

    Since I’m the only person working at both companies anyway (and they are somewhat similar in content), I figured it best to not split up brand names quite yet and ask people follow multiple accounts for roughly the same updates. You were always talking to me before @55his but now I’m just a face instead of a logo. 

    To give a little background on the birth of Madison Glass Co., I started toying with the idea of painting glassware in October of 2013. Having never made or seen anything like what I had in my head, I started experimenting with techniques I thought might work. Little did I know, it would become a nightly obsession for the next 4 months. A never ending valley of ups and downs from making sure the ink was dishwasher safe, to perfecting the technique of applying it to glass. 

    A few variations (of the many dozen) include 5 different types of vinyl, 4 different types of paint mask, 6 different types of glass ink, varying degrees of baking cycles, solvent ratios, plotters, colors, ink transparency, indirect food safe concerns, paint brushes, airbrushes, HVLP paint guns, etching, sandblasting, packaging, shipping and an endless amount of other small concerns all went into the the endless pursuit for the best finish possible.

    After weeks of dialing in the production method it was off to the races for putting the brand together. I brainstormed with my friend Rick over iChat for about two weeks on a name. A few early contenders were

    • Levine Glass Co. • Amsterdam Glass Co. • Basic Glass Co. • Found Glass Co.

      I’d like to say I weighed all my options and picked Madison Glass Co. because of some extremely spiritual reason but I didn’t. Two things made the decision for me.

      1. It was the only available domain and handle for hundreds of brand names we tried.
      2. have a dog named Madison and she demanded we name it after her.

        For the logotype, I turned to long time friend, Riley Cran for help and was blown away by what he came back with. Armed with the communication “I want it to feel like a Marshall Amplification logo”, he came back with a better mark than I could even imagine. If you are unawares of Riley Cran’s work, check out some typefaces he’s designed on the Lost Type website he co-runs or give him a follow on twitter.

        Working is more fun with friends, so I asked a few more type-buddies to contribute some designs to the opening lineup.

        First up is a fun one from Ryan Hamrick. This was one of the first concepts I had for glassware when brainstorming the idea. He was kind enough to send over some in progress which is always fun to look at.

        We have a few amazing designs from Ricardo Gonzalez.

        Another fun idea I’m excited to share is custom glassware. The jist with these is customizable pint glasses in varying typefaces. In the listing you can put in any name under 10 characters, and using the typeface (plus any attractive ligatures!), I will create a custom pint glass. Birthdays, weddings, or craft brew fans might dig a glass with their name on it! Or you could ya know, do what I would do and just put “Dickbag” on it and give it to a friend.

        I'm also excited to start work on some custom glasses! For he first ever custom glass, we teamed up with the dudes over at TypeFight to bring a custom glass for all the winners! Should you win your bout, you get a hand painted gold goblet of glory featuring the TypeFight logo.

        If you have an idea on a custom glass you were thinking of, please let me know! 

        There are so many fun things planned for Madison Glass Co. I can’t wait to share them all with you and I hope you can’t wait to check them out. I will be sharing new items on the blog so feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed, or check out TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

        This is all new territory and if you have any suggestions or ideas, please do reach out and email me. I’m all ears and I would love to hear some feedback.

      1. The Ocean Alphabet Poster

        These alphabet posters are just so incredibly fun to make, and each time we finish one, it’s our new favorite. This next one is no exception and we are so happy to introduce our new limited edition creation: The Ocean Alphabet. We teamed up with our friend and illustrator extraordinaire Dave Perillo to bring this poster to life.

        This bad boy features killer whales, dolphins, and A NARWHAL as well as 23 other deep sea animals and underwater mysteries. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with an illustration and accompanied by a fun fact you can use to impress your friends. 

        For instance, did you know when startled, flying fish are able to rapidly propel themselves out of the water and glide through the air with their wing-like pectoral fins. In the right conditions, they can soar along at 43mph, covering distances of over 1,300 feet!

        Or that contrary to what their name suggests, killer whales are not actually whales at all. These marine behemoths are actually the largest members of the dolphin family and, much like other dolphins, are extremely social animals. They are sometimes called "the wolves of the sea," because of their pack-hunting behaviors.

        Hammerheads have one of the most unique appearances of all sharks. Placement of the eyes on either end of their distinctive, hammer-shaped head allows them a full 360 degree view in the vertical plane, meaning they can see above and below them at all times. 

        This poster is an 18x24, 4-color, Limited Edition screen print on thick Colorplan Turquoise paper that is hand numbered in an edition of 500. Every poster is printed by hand, in the USA, one color at a time & one sheet at a time.

        Here at 55 Hi’s, we observe true Limited Edition. This means that once a poster sells out, no more are ever reprinted in any size, color, edition, application, or variation of any kind ever again. We believe this adds value and excitement to owning a piece of artwork and nobody wants what everyone has, right?


      2. Happy Holidays!

        Just wanted to take a second to thank everyone for the incredible Black Friday sale weekend and for showing an unprecedented amount of support for 55 Hi's. There are so many fun things planned for the coming months and your support is what makes it possible for me to continue making things, and I appreciate so much more than I can convey in a blog post.

        On the 55 Hi's news front, we have a few fun new things going on. Around 2 years ago I was asked by my buddy Drew Roper, Co-Owner of The Type Fight to contribute the number 12 in a bout against the crazy talented Justin Pervorse. Sadly, I didn't put up much of a fight and I ended up going home unvictorious.  I cleaned up my wounds and I trained exactly like this every day for a year. Now, we're back for Round 2! Below is my submission for the letter F (which happens to be my favorite letter). 

        The Type Fight Ross Moody

        Shortly after submitting my letter, I was contacted by a designer Javier Rivero, who was inspired by my letter and took it upon himself to flush it out into a display typeface! How cool is that?! He titled it "Kari" and it is available here!

        Kari Typeface



      3. Interview Me!

        I was so fortunate to get the opportunity to answer a few questions for the amazing Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Jason Sadler who is actually tentatively legally named "Jason Headsetsdotcom" for a little while longer until he auctions off his last name for another lucky high bidder! 

        It was really great getting the chance to answer some questions about my history, process and goals for 55 Hi's and it's interesting how interviews with good questions like this are oddly cathartic and I always end up discovering things consciously that I didn't even realize I knew. 

        If you aren't aware of his site or what he has going on over there check it out! He's currently in the process of writing a book called "Creativity For Sale" where he'll be sharing stories about how he got paid to wear t-shirts for a living for nearly five years, how he auctioned off his last name, and a bunch of other stories featuring creative entrepreneurs (like 55 Hi's!) he's connected with along the way. We were fortunate enough to grab a page sponsorship in the book on lucky page 55!!

      4. New Typographic Notepads

        We are as excited as ever to release a new product line for 55 Hi's, Notepads! Introducing a series of 4 typographic notepads designed in collaboration with guest typographer, Dave Foster. The 4 new themes we made are Things To Do, Market List, Today, and The Shit To-Do List!

        Each notepad is offset printed in the USA with certified soy and vegetable based inks on paper created from sustainably managed forests. 70 sheets per notepad with a rigid cardboard backer and they measure 4"x8" tall. 

        Dave was also kind enough to send over some progress of his while he was sketching the designs. It's always a pleasure to get a peek behind the curtain in the process of creating and below Dave shows us a bunch of different iterations that were all equally amazing in their own right.

      5. Dogs Alphabet Poster

        Akitas, Boxers, and Chihuahuas! We are so happy and proud to introduce our newest alphabet poster, Dogs! Illustrated in collaboration with Lydia Nichols, this jam packed poster features 26 furry little canines of all different breeds. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with a custom illustration and accompanied by a fun fact you can use to impress your friends.

        Lydia Nichols Dogs Alphabet Poster

        For instance, did you know that a Boxer named Brandy holds the record for the world's longest dog tongue, which is an astonishing 17 inches long?! Or that contrary to their cute exterior, Dachshunds were originally bred as fierce small game hunters?

        Lydia Nichols Dogs Alphabet Poster

        There's more! Zeus the Great Dane was noted in the 2013 Guinness Book of World Records as the world's tallest dog. He measured 44 inches tall at the shoulder, and when standing on his hind legs could stretch up to 7 feet 4 inches! 

        Lydia Nichols Dogs Alphabet Poster

        Lydia was kind enough to do a likeness of our intern, Maddie, for the French Bulldog breed. When Lydia asked, "is there anything unique about Maddie I could have her doing in the illustration?", the first thing I thought was how much she farts. I'm pretty sure excessive farting is a normal trait of a French Bulldog and Maddie is no exception, she can drop some bombs. Here she is below showing her displeasure at her depiction.

        Lydia Nichols Dogs Alphabet Poster

        As always, we like to include a little proces of our bigger releases and this one was equally fascinating to me. The transformation from sketch to final product is so interesting and Lydia makes it look easy. It's no easy task drawing up 26 unique dog breeds, using 4 colors, and still having a sense of color balance for the poster as a whole. Below are a few before and afters of the sketch to final. 

        Lydia Nichols Dogs Alphabet Poster

        Lydia Nichols Dogs Alphabet Poster

        Each poster is an 18x24, 4-color, Limited Edition Screenprint on thick Stardream Lagoon paper. Hand numbered in an edition of 500. The dogs breeds in the poster are Akita, Boxer, Chihuaha, Dachshund, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Great Dane, Harrier, Irish Setter, Jack Russell, King Shepherd, Labrador, Maltese, Newfoundland, Otterhound, Pug, Queensland Heeler, Retriever, Saint Bernard, Toy Poodle, Utonoga, Vizsla, Welsh Terrier, Xoloitzcuintle, Yorkshire Terrier, Zuchon.

         Lydia Nichols Dogs Alphabet Poster

      6. New Things

        First things first, if you want to add the blog to your RSS feed, click right here.

        Besides that, we are happy to introduce our newest art poster, Wake Up! I don't know how you wake up, but just like a Foldgers commercial, after hitting the snooze button 18 times, I usually wake up, zombie walk to the kitchen, karate chop my coffee maker 'til it turns on, and then smell the coffee. After taking a nap in the shower and gaining some semblance of consciousness, only then do I even attempt to resurrect a drinkable cup of coffee.

        I'm currently using a percolator, but I'm thinking of asking Santa to help make the switch to a Keurig this Christmas. I'm not a coffee snob, whatever is less hassle and less coffee grounds everywhere. I can make quite a mess while trying to fill the percolator with my eyes closed in the morning.

        Each poster is a 2-color screenprint measuring 18x24" on Natural White paper. Hand numbered in a Limited Edition of 500.

        We are also hard to work on a bunch of new goodies coming out in the following months. If you follow us on Instagram, we're breaking out the brushes and custom type for a bunch of new releases with a whole grab bag of awesome new folks. One we're tackling is a collection of new bookmark designs... 

        Getting the chance to work with other designers through 55 Hi's is one of the most rewarding parts of running this business. For instance, the closest to release is our new Dogs poster we just finished up with Lydia Nichols. Should be out sometime early next week and here's a small teaser. This poster is so fun and interesting to read. Dog breeds are tricky and Lydia did an absolutely amazing job capturing the personality of each dog.

        Further down the horizon, is a series of notepad designs we started up with typographer extraordinaire, Dave Foster. If you are unaware of Dave Foster, watch this video of his explaining a little background of his typographic career. Really enlightening stuff to see just how much goes into the study of typography.

        We are still the midst of designing, but here's a little look at a few of the early options for the "Today" notepad design. Really excited to get into another product avenue and can't wait to see where they all end up in the coming weeks.

        Last but not least, we're having a clearance on coasters. 55 Hi's is getting out of the coaster business, and we're running a 60% Off sale until they're sold out, never to be printed again! Well, actually I can't say that, but for right now, coasters are a difficult sell for us, and not something I had 100% of my heart into growing as a product avenue. So, for the time being, we're gonna switch gears, try out a few other products, and as always, concentrate on posters and cards that rock your socks off. 


      7. The Dinosaur Alphabet Poster

        After the success of The Space Alphabet Poster release last month, we got right back into the swing of things for the second installment of our alphabet series and got to work on Dinosaurs! We went back to Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods AGAIN for help illustrating this beast, and as always, he absolutely knocked it out of the park. 

        Each letter of the alphabet in this poster is paired with a custom illustration and interesting fun fact you can use to impress your friends. The dinosaur names feature a pronunciation guide so you don't sound silly doing it (cause some of these names can get pretty ridiculous). For instance, X is for Xenotarsosaurus [zee-noh-TAR-suh-SAWR-us] and it literally means "lizard with a strange ankle". He drew the short straw on the name front.

        Want to know a few facts you will gain reading through this maze of knowledge? How about this: Kronosaurus was a 30 foot long carnivorous marine reptile and its muscular jaws were packed with 3-12 inch long razor sharp teeth.

        Or did you know that contrary to how they have been displayed in popular culture (cough cough Jurassic Park cough cough), Velociraptors were actually quite small, standing roughly a foot and a half tall and weighing only about 33 pounds (like the size of a chicken on steroids). Its most famous feature was the relatively large sickle-shaped claw on each foot which it likely used to slash open its prey. 

        Check out more pictures, dinos, or pick up a poster over in the shop or by clicking right here. And as always, if you have a theme or alphabet idea you wanna see made, let me know via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and we'll try to make it happen!

      8. Making Of The Junk Food Calendar

        It's that time of year again! The annual 55 Hi's calendar is upon us. This year, after careful deliberation, we decided to go with the theme Junk Food, cause who can resist junk food every now and then? 

        Chris Sandlin, the man behind SockMonkee, made a triumphant return to help us out again this year illustrating 6 of the characters for the calendar. It was great to have him back from two years ago when we did The 2012 Monster Calendar which was our first foray into this themed calendar business. 

        Chris and I started talking about this late last year and we have been hard at work illustrating and designing these characters ever since. In case you aren't totally familiar with how our calendars work, each character is inspired by a well known event, holiday, or common theme of the month it represents. Chris and I trade off months with him starting things off with his Party Pizza Slice for January. We each do 6 characters and combine them to form one big calendar.

        Process is always something I really enjoy seeing and throughout the drawing of these characters, I took screenshots so you can see the evolution of them being finished. Above are the sketches and final products for all my monthly character contributions. Clockwise from top left: Frankencorn, Back To School Candy Apple, Christmas Cookie, It's Raining Jaw Breakers!, Candy Heart Colin, and Donut Dad with his little donut-hole children. Below is some process of Chris's sketching for his characters.

        I suppose if you follow 55 Hi's at all, it's no secret that we work with Mama's Sauce for the printing of our goods. For this release, we asked them to do a little behind the scenes documentation and they were kind enough to oblige. The specs for this here calendar is a 16x24, 5-color screenprint on Sweet Tooth Paper from French Paper Co. Five colors is the most we have ever printed at 55 Hi's and it's been exciting seeing it come together one color at a time.

        As you can see, these posters are printed the hard way. Each color is hand mixed and matched to a Pantone and then printed one poster at a time, one color at a time, while keeping a constant eye on the prints to make sure one of the seven million problems that can arise during screen printing aren't happening.

        After you print the first color, and let the sheets dry, you put them in a an enormous stack like the one below, and get to printing again. Dry and repeat 4 more times. 

        When I first started 55 Hi's, and did my own printing in-house, registering that many colors at once was a little out of my league. Each time a color is printed, if you are even a little off register, it effects how the color after it is going to sit, and if you mess up early in the game, you can end up with a whole bunch of misprints by the third color.

        Now, we leave that sort of thing up to the professionals, and since it's not our arms doing the squegee pulling anymore, we decided to go all out and bring back a full palette of candy colored goodness.

        Here are a few shots 3 & 4 colors into the process. With this particular poster, the black is really what brings everything together and the colors don't really look all that great, or even make sense, until the last color get put down. The black outline is always the most gratifying cause it feels like a magic trick after every pull.

        You have this really intricate combination of colors that don't make any sense until the screen comes back up and you (hopefully) discover this polished piece of artwork. PACHOW!  That's what I used to say after every pull of the squegee. Ok, fine, I never said that once. You can see what I'm talking about below with the July's hot dog guy. He doesn't even have a face until the last step.

        Once all is said and done, we get to trimming, numbering, and packaging! Since our Posters our now Limited Edition, we only print a set amount and that's it for the poster. No more in any color combo or edition will be printed. For these, they are limited to 500 and we hand number each and every one. 

        We also decided to bring in a little twist (literally), and package up this special release in a Tootsie Roll inspired Limited Edition packaging. Each one of these is rolled up in a bright candy colored tissue paper and given a custom Junk Food Calendar packaging wrap. Many of these calendars get given as gifts for Christmas and what's better than receiving a tootsie roll Junk Food Calendar!

        The Junk Food Calendars are available as desk models too. We had a lot of people interested in past calendars, but weren't able to take them home because of lack of wall space. Well this year, we decided to scale it down a bit and release a hangable desk sized version for offices or cubicles. Each calendar is trimmed down to 4 x 6.25 and comes with a black cotton cord for hanging.

        The last item we're releasing today is one we have been getting asked about for a whole year. After the success of last year's Robot Calendar with Justin Mezzell, we decided to bring it back this year in a desk version! Robot Turkey is back!

      9. The Space Alphabet Poster

        Super excited to present our latest creation, The Space Alphabet Poster! Venture out into the galaxy with this jam-packed poster of 26 space wonders, each illustrated and accompanied by fun facts and trivia.

        This poster measures in at 18x24" and is a 4-color, Limited Edition Screenprint on thick Midnight Blue paper. Each one is hand numbered in an edition of 500.

        A few weeks ago, we polled everybody on our Facebook page what themes would be the best for a series of alphabet posters we were thinking of producing and Space came out as a frontrunner by far. That was all we needed and this project was underway.


        We went back to Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods for help illustrating this beast. This is his second time working with us (the first time being for our super popular New Arrival Cards for Boys and Girls) and we are excited to start a running series of these alphabet posters with him. Dinosaurs, bugs, video games, cities! The possibilities are endless and we can't wait to tackle them all. Have a suggestion? Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter.

        A friend of 55 Hi's, and resident Space aficionado, Jordan Wittlich provided all the intergalactic fun facts. Want to know what wonders await you? Did you know The International Space Station travels at a speed of roughly 5 miles a second. Or that Mars is the second smallest planet but contains the tallest mountain in our Solar System, Olympus Mons! This whole poster was fun to put together and I hope you dig it!

      10. West Elm Pop Up Shop & New Posters

        If you are in the New York area this weekend, stop by and say hi on Saturday, July 27 from 1pm – 6pm in Dumbo to check out the Pop-Up Shop sponsored by Swissmiss & Etsy.  We will be set up down there hanging out and throwing cards at people. There will also be a Smilebooth, DJs and snacks. If you need more info, check out the Facebook Event Page. Should be a good time and it's never to early to get prepared for Christmas, right? 

        A couple fun new posters just hit the shop also! Keep on Keepin' On and What's Cooking?  

        What's Cooking is a kitchen themed print inspired by retro cookware. It is hand numbered and embossed in a limited edition run of 500. 


        We also partnered with Help Ink to do a tandem release of our Keep on Keepin On design. We have partnered with Help Ink before to do a fun kids print that I believe is almost sold out! You can check that one out here and if you pick one up you're also helping a good cause!

      11. You Make Me Happy Cards

        We here at 55 Hi's are all about keeping it as honest as possible, so sometimes telling the whole truth about how much you like someone is gonna have to include sprinkles or bacon. 


        Each card is a 2-color screen print on white 100% recycled Mr. French Whitewash paper. They are blank on the inside to write your message and come with a matching accent envelope. Check out the Happy Bacon or Happy Sprinkles posts to pick one up.

      12. Cheers Coasters

        We're very excited to release our newest coaster set titled The Cheers Coasters. The set of 6 celebratory drinking aids are made to wish happy tidings in 6 different languages. Each coaster is a one color metallic silver screenprint on duplexed extra thick black card stock. Each coaster is edge colored a bright teal. 

        We also worked up a fun giftable packaging for the coasters. Custom Kraft envelopes with a metallic 55 Hi's envelope liner. 


      13. Two New Cards!

        So many fun thing planned for the coming months but as always, we like to keep a steady flow of new cards comin at ya. We just released our two newest ones, a Thank You card and a brand sparkling new Happy Birthday card. The Happy Birthday card was another brush pen inspired piece. Below is one of the earlier versions of the sketch that we posted to our Instagram.


        We are gearing up for a whole bunch of new items. Notepads, alphabet posters, birthday calendars, calendars, gift wrap! We just recently had a poll on our Facebook page asking everyone what theme our first alphabet print should be and it seems like Space won! Brad Woodard, the designer behind our amazing New Arrival cards, is teaming up with us again for this project and I'm sure it's gonna rock. 

      14. Congratulations Card

        Got out the old Tombow brush pen for our latest Congratulations Card. Here's a little behind the scenes process of how our more hand-done style cards come about. This is the pretty later version, perhaps next time I'll include the 400 versions prior to this that looked like horse shit. 

        Check out more pictures in the shop listing right here.


      15. Stationery Show Recap

        The 2013 National Stationery Show proved to be quite an experience for us this year. After many months of planning (i.e. stressing) we completed our debut show with no major hiccups. After meeting quite a few amazing people and making some awesome new paper friends, we even managed to trick some people into letting us put our cards in their stores. 

        Here's a couple shots of us setting up our booth. It's actually quite incredible how fast things come together. You look down the aisles and it's just madness everywhere, and then all of a sudden you look up and all the trash is gone and the carpet is down and it's just a sea of amazing mini 10x10 stores. The below images are of us putting down the foam tiles and painting the walls. Then, with the help of our trusty laser level, we threw up the shelves one at a time. By "we" I mean I put my friends to work, took some pictures and went to the bar. 

        Here is a panorama or our booth after setup and the digital render. Pretty damn close! We ditched the carpet and the plants and I accidentally made 7 instead of 8 shelves, but as in all trade/craft shows, just deal with it and move on. Nobody knows it's wrong except you. Although now, you all know, so perhaps that isn't always true. That saying should read "Nobody knows it's wrong except you unless you write a blog post about it afterwards." 

        You would think, standing in the same booth from 9-6 for 3 straight days, I would have taken some pictures, but you overestimate me. I totally didn't, so I went ahead and stole pictures of my own booth from Nole over at Oh So Beautiful Paper. She has some really tremendous event coverage if you're into that kind of thing and she stopped by at the show and took some great pictures of our booth.

        Below are a few new notecard designs for us. The Hello & Hi Bubbles which are now up in the shop. 

        We also recently published a nifty little feature to the 55 Hi's website. It is a store locator to find local shops that carry our items! After the show we realized we wanted to be able to point people to the stores who are awesome enough to carry our items so we crafted the 55 Hi's Store Locator. It is a constantly growing Google-Maps-style store key that lets you know which stores are carrying our goods if you need a last minute card from us. 

      16. The Countdown

        One week until The National Stationery show and it's all finally coming together after months of planning. We contacted our friends over at Tinkering Monkey to help us out with some signage for our booth and they came through big time. We're going to be holding it down in booth #1868.

        Since all of our prints are moving towards a strictly limited edition nature, we will only be bringing the coasters and cards to this event in hopes that we can bring some of our goods to stores near you this year. The site will soon have a section listing stores that carry our products in an effort to build a little community up in here. It's always better with friends and if you happen to have a store that you think might be a good fit for us, please let us know and we'll badger them constantly until they are forced to carry our stuff and we will tell them it's all your fault.

        Want a sneak peak of the booth? We have a 10x10 inline booth this year and being obsessive compulsive like I am, I did a digital mockup and some real size measuring in illustrator so setup goes a little faster. Here's what we're aiming for. The mockup is a little deceiving though cause the walls are ten feet tall. 

        Amongst all this madness, we also just released an Anchorman inspired greeting card and a new print from guest designer Luke Ritchie. 

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