55 Hi's has closed shop. Check out what Ross is up to now.

Just wanted to take a second to thank everyone for the incredible Black Friday sale weekend and for showing an unprecedented amount of support for 55 Hi's. There are so many fun things planned for the coming months and your support is what makes it possible for me to continue making things, and I appreciate so much more than I can convey in a blog post.

On the 55 Hi's news front, we have a few fun new things going on. Around 2 years ago I was asked by my buddy Drew Roper, Co-Owner of The Type Fight to contribute the number 12 in a bout against the crazy talented Justin Pervorse. Sadly, I didn't put up much of a fight and I ended up going home unvictorious.  I cleaned up my wounds and I trained exactly like this every day for a year. Now, we're back for Round 2! Below is my submission for the letter F (which happens to be my favorite letter). 

The Type Fight Ross Moody

Shortly after submitting my letter, I was contacted by a designer Javier Rivero, who was inspired by my letter and took it upon himself to flush it out into a display typeface! How cool is that?! He titled it "Kari" and it is available here!

Kari Typeface





Sold Out