55 Hi's has closed shop. Check out what Ross is up to now.

I was so fortunate to get the opportunity to answer a few questions for the amazing Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Jason Sadler who is actually tentatively legally named "Jason Headsetsdotcom" for a little while longer until he auctions off his last name for another lucky high bidder! 

It was really great getting the chance to answer some questions about my history, process and goals for 55 Hi's and it's interesting how interviews with good questions like this are oddly cathartic and I always end up discovering things consciously that I didn't even realize I knew. 

If you aren't aware of his site or what he has going on over there check it out! He's currently in the process of writing a book called "Creativity For Sale" where he'll be sharing stories about how he got paid to wear t-shirts for a living for nearly five years, how he auctioned off his last name, and a bunch of other stories featuring creative entrepreneurs (like 55 Hi's!) he's connected with along the way. We were fortunate enough to grab a page sponsorship in the book on lucky page 55!!



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